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Research activities

  • Kokusaiho Kenkyukai (Study Group on International Law)
    • The "Kokusaiho Kenkyukai" (Study Group on International Law) meets on every Saturday during semesters at Kyoto University, gathering researchers and graduate students of the region.
    • Recent international guest speakers include (titles at the time of the meeting):
      • Gerd Droesse (former legal adviser, Green Climate Fund), "Membership in International Organiztions" (online participation, 24 October 2020).
      • Claus Kreß (Professor, Universität zu Köln),
      • "The Ius Contra Bellum at a Moment of Crisis: Recent Developments and Current Challenges in Light of the International Law Association's Final Reort on Aggression and the Use of Force (2018)" (23 February 2019).
      • Sabine Konrad (Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery) & Arnes Fuchs (Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery), "Investment Protection and Environmental Regulation” (30 June 2018)
      • Jean d'Aspremont (Professor, University of Manchester; Professor, Sciences Po de Paris), "Critical Attitudes in Historiographical International Legal Studies: Failure by Confinement?" (12 May 2018)
      • Philippe Sands (Professor, University College London / Barrister, Matrix Chambes / President, English Pen), "East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity - What it means for an international lawyer to talk about his subject to a wider audience" (21 April 2018)
      • Steffen Hindelang (Professor, Syddansk Universtet / Juniorprofessur, Freie Universtät Berlin), "A European Perspective on the Ongoing Reform Processes in International Investment Law" (25 February 2018)
      • Hoi Kong (Associate Professor, McGill University; Visiting Scholar, Kyoto University), "Sustainable Development in NAFTA: Diagnosis and Prognosis" (27 May 2017)
      • Bruno Demeyere (Legal Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross), "The ICRC Updated Commentaries on the 1949 Geneva Conventions: Capturing 60 years of Implementation and Interpretation of IHL" (20 May 2017)
      • Jean d'Aspremont (Professor, University of Manchester; Professor, University of Amsterdam), "International Law as a Belief System" (25 March 2017)
      • Jean-Paul Costa (former President, European Court of Human Rights; Président, Fondation René Cassin - Institut international des Droits de l'Homme): "The European fundamental rights’ protection system" (25 March 2017)
      • Vladimir Golitsyn (President, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea): "Recent Activities of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea" (5 February 2017)
      • Wenqi Zhu (Professor, Renmin Law School): "The Role of International Law and its Limit in Asia" (28 January 2017)
      • Alexander Orakhelashvili (Lecturer, Birmingham): "Jus cogens and State immunity in the light of the Germany v Italy judgment of the ICJ" (13 June 2015)
      • Dire Tladi (Professor, Pretoria; Member, International Law Commission; Visiting Professor, Kobe): "The African Union, Immunity and the International Criminal Court" (25 April 2015)
      • Angelos Dimopoulos (Lectuer, Queen Mary): "EU trade policy and bilateralism" (4 April 2015)
      • Valsamis Mitsilegas (Professor, Queen Mary): "The Emerging Framework of EU-Japan Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters" (4 April 2015)
      • Hisashi Owada (Judge, ICJ): "On the Recent Activities of the ICJ" (14 February 2015)
      • Navraj Ghaleigh (Senior Lecturer, Edinburgh; Visiting Scholar, Kyoto): "International Climate Change Law Outwith the UNFCCC: Preparing for Failure" (24 January 2015)
      • Malgosia Fitzmaurice (Professor, Queen Mary; Visiting Professor, Kobe): "The precautionary principle in international environmental law: Do we really need it?" (26 April 2014)
      • Andreas Ziegler (Professor, Lausanne): "The new global law on fighting tax crimes and its repercussions on financial services centers like Switzerland" (1 February 2014)
      • Christopher Harland (Legal Adviser, ICRC): "IHL and new technologies: Elements for discussion from an ICRC perspective" (1 February 2014)
      • Valerie Hughes (Director of Legal Affairs, WTO): "The WTO dispute settlement system: Past, present & future" (2 November 2013)
      • Lucius Caflisch (Member, ILC; former judge, ECHR): "The European Court of Human Rights: Memories of a Judge" (14 September 2013)
      • Vasilka Sancin (Assistant Professor, Ljubljana; Visiting Professor, Akita International), "Slovenia-Croatia Border Dispute" (8 June 2013)
      • Théodor Christakis (Professor, Grenoble; Visiting Professor, Kobe): "International legal positivism and human rights" (14 April 2013)
      • Mark Feldman (Associate Professor, Peking University (Shenzhen)): "Corporate Nationality Planning" (13 October 2012)
      • Władysław Czapliński (Professor, Warsaw): "The relationship between State responsibility and the criminal responsibility of individuals under international law" (4 June 2011)
      • Georg Ress (former vice-president, ECHR): "International and European Community Law before the European Court of Human Rights and National Supreme Courts" (16 October 2010)
      • Nils Melzer (Legal Advisor, ICRC): "The notion of direct participation in hostilities under international humanitarian law" (19 June 2010)



Student activities

Kyoto University students participate in various moot court competitions, including:

  • P.C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
  • FDI Moot
  • Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition
  • Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition
  • Asia Cup International Law Moot Court Competition
  • Japan Cup International Law Moot Court Competition

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